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30 secs. on Risk -v- Return

Oct 24 @ 9:30 -v- 5 years ago at 9:30am. This photo is where I am now, 5 years ago I would have been sitting behind a desk at 9:30 staring at #'s on a screen, trying to care about other peoples financial happiness when honestly I didn't. I was more interested in what was going on in their lives. Now I'm here doing what I love, but I took a Risk to achieve this. I knew I would have to make some sacrifices with one less salary, and starting my own business would be risky. I weighed up the rewards Risk -v- Rewards and took the leap, with the backing of my fabulous family. You too can take the Leap, maybe not as big a Leap, but little Leaps working towards the place where you belong.,Your decision to practice Yoga and commit to it for example is a step in the right direction to make meaningful, healthy Lifestyle changes. BTW, I would never go back !!!

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