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The Studio
Karma Yoga is nestled just a few minutes north of Brooklin, Ontario. Located on the southern tip of the Oak Ridge Moraine, a little piece of heaven awaits you. Removed from the hustle and bustle - and yet just a stone's throw away.
In Spring & Summer, our 2.5 acre property will accommodate both indoor and outdoor practices under the sun and beneath the stars.
In Fall & Winter, a large, yet cozy, custom studio will warm your spirits and relax those muscles.
Fully equipped!
No contracts, no pre-booking.
             Just come as you are!

Siobhan O'Connor - Owner/Instructor, RYS,  E-RYT 200

My introduction to Yoga was about 20 years ago, and like many, I practiced it on and off throughout the years.

As a natural sceptic, I was always looking for the 'proof of concept'. I didn't find that until I committed to practicing Yoga on a regular basis. It was only then that I began to unwrap and began to notice.

Millions of people practice Yoga every day. I figure they can't all be wrong, and I think it has stood the test of time - some 5,000 years, give or take a year.


Here is my intention...

To offer a Yoga practice which is accessible to most, if not all. (Yoga is not for everybody, we respect that.)

To never allow $ to come before practice (if you can't afford our prices, contact me, we can work it out.)

To stay true to the authentic teachings of Yoga.

To always practice in an ethical way.

Oh, and probably the most important of all, to have fun, lighten up, and laugh a lot!

I truly look forward to practicing Yoga with you, and believe that you too will discover the many benefits it will bring to your life.                                                        - Nameste -

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