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Making Yoga accessible to all
$15  per class
No contracts, no pre-booking, just come as you are.
   Indoor & Outdoor

Day          Time       Practice 
Mon.       7:00pm          Beginner 
Tue.        7:00pm         Level 2 
Wed.       7:00pm         Level1
Thur.      7:00p        Yin (all levels)

Sat.     10:00am    Yin/Yang (all levels)
     Set your own time for a Private Class
  • $15 per person or whatever you can afford
  • Just bring yourself and
    a non-disposable Water Bottle.
  • Don't see a time that suits?, bring a friend or two and set your own time for a class.







This class is for those who:

  • Are new to Yoga

  • Have practiced, but sporadically

  • Have health issues

  • Want to increase their knowledge of Yoga

  • Simply want to enhance their health and lifestyle

 In this class we will Focus on:

  • The Fundamental Asanas (poses)

  • Proper alignment

  • Pranayama - connection between breath, mind and emotions

  • An introduction to Sanskrit (the language of Yoga)

  • An introduction to Pratyahara -physical (withdrawal of the senses or mindfullness)

Child's Pose
Iyengar Yoga





Level 1

This class is for those who: ​

  • Have been practicing for approximately 6 months

  • Are ready to deepen their practice

  • Can recognise the basic Asanas by their Sanskrit translations

  • Would like to explore different styles of Yoga

In this class we will focus on:

  • Various styles of Yoga - Hatha, Vinyassa, Yin.

  • Core strengthening 

  • Varying Asanas and their Sanskrit

  • Alternative Pranayama methods

  • Pratyahara - distractions of the mind

Please e.mail to enquire,
classes are not Drop-in
Leg Stretch
Senior Couple Doing Yoga
Private/Semi Private Class

This class is for Yogis who​:

Level 2 
  • Have been practicing regularly for a year or more
  • Are comfortable with Sanskrit 
  • Are free from health or injury restrictions
  • Can hold plank or arm balance for at least 10 breaths
In this class we will focus on:
  • The Eight Limbs (guidelines) of Yoga
  • Refinement of the Asana

This class is for Yogis who​:

         Yin or Yin/Yang
  • Especially those who have limited range of motion due to tightness, stiffness or injury.
  • Seated poses held for 3 - 6 minutes
  • Use of props (blocks, bolsters etc.) to explore and assist your range of motion.
  • Deeply meditative and relaxing​
This class will focus on:
  •  Accessing deep Muscle, Soft Tissue - Fascia
  • Flexibility and Range of Motion as opposed to Strength
  • Stress relief and Relaxation through Meditation
  • 8 Limbs of Yoga
Because no 2 Bodies are the same
  • Tailored to you, based on a personal initial assessment and intention
  • Take a single private class to take stock, or...
  • Work with me ongoingly, to progress safely and steadily at your own pace
  • Pick a time that works for you block it or keep it flexible week to week.
  • Any style and level, your choice
$50 per 60min.
click here to enquire 
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