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Maybe it's something you have always wanted to do.
Maybe you're just curious to learn more, or
Maybe you know that something has to change.
Whatever the reason, you've already taken the first step.​
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5 Syllabi Teacher Training
  • Philosophy​
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Techniques Training & Practice
  • Asana
  • Teaching Methodology & Practicum
Individual Courses
      Not looking to teach?
   Take any of the 1st 4 Syllabi        above as an individual course
 Flexible Timetable​
  • 10 months,
             1 weekend per month
  • Holiday weekends avoided           where possible
  • Start anytime
 Ideally it is best to start the Course at the 1st month and follow the flow. When that is not possible, you can jump in at any syllabus except @ Teaching Methodology & Practicum, this must be your last syllabus as it requires taking everything you have learned and putting it          into practice.


Teacher Training  
$2,750 ($500 deposit, (10 payments of $225)

Individual Syllabus                 $500  ($100 deposit, + 1 payment of $400)

**Fully Tax Deductible**
Deposits are refundable up to 1 month prior to Course/Syllabus start date.
A Comprehensive Teacher Training Course Embodied in a 500+ Page Study Manual.
 2023 registration now open, Enquire here Now!
    March/April    Yoga Philosophy, Ethics & Lifestyle   
    April & May:    Anatomy & Physiology
    June:               Techniques, Training & Practice  
    September:       Asana (poses)

    Oct & Nov:     *Teaching Methodology & Practicum 


*Each Syllabus can be taken as individual course, except Teaching Methodology & Practicum
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