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30 Sec. on Boxing


The mind boggles, at least I still have an active Brain that can boggle. Lets talk mindfulness, lets talk becoming aware, lets talk questioning the norm. A few days ago there was a Boxing Match which grossed the most $ in recent "sporting" history. I didn't watch or pay any attention to the hype. For all my life I have been on a personal Crusade against Boxing, which is not a Sport. I don't allow it on TV in my home. To me it is Barbaric. What is sporting about one human being going out to intentionally cause injury to another. What is heroic about one guy or gal having more muscle than another. One might argue it is the human condition to be competitive with a natural instinct to survive, I agree totally. But lets question that, yes if you look to Nature (which always holds the answer) Animals will compete, fight and be vicious but only when they are threatened, attacked or need to eat., they don't put on a show for entertainment. So what good is the millions these two boxers have earned if their Brain is now permanently damaged. This is a divisive issue, I'm sure I'll get resistance and being Irish even accused of Treachery, but that's ok, if it gets us thinking and talking about the reality. Not to mention the very real possibility that the whole thing was a set up in the first place, a rigged event just to bring in $, hmm!

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