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Not Yoga, no it's not a typo

How are you? I get asked frequently what to bring to a Yoga class, my answer is always, whatever your comfortable wearing and a Water Bottle. That's it, That's all it needs to be.

Your legs don't have to be shaved

Nor your Arm pits,

You don't need sexy Yoga Pants

Nor stringy backless Tops

You don't need to be thin,

Nor Tall

You don't need a moisture absorbant Mat

Nor a Mat Towel

You get my drift, you don't need anything but you and your willingness to explore, that's how to begin your journey.

I am not suggesting that any of the above listed are wrong, sometimes my legs are as smooth as a baby's arse :), sometimes not, Im just noting that they are not necessary, and they don't really matter.

The true spirit of Yoga can be lost in its Westernised translation, lets bring it back. It is from this viewpoint that I practice and share with others, These are just my personal thoughts. It's not about how you look, but how you are.

Namaste, Siobhan.


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