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Dr. Katharine du Quesnay, BPHE, DC, FICPA,  Brooklin

I had the pleasure of attending a yoga class with Siobhan in her new studio this month.   Yoga has been an enjoyable part of my life for years, and I was eager to experience it with Siobhan, who was referred to me by one of my chiropractic practice members.  Siobhan led me through a combination of Hatha and Yin asanas (look at me throwing out my Yoga terms) and I left feeling pretty good.  The next day however, is when I really felt the depth of the benefits.  I played a tennis match with more freedom of motion and joy than I had felt playing for a very long time.  I was impressed by my sense of ease and effortlessness and how well that translated into my effectiveness in play.  Days later, my motion is still noticeably more fluid, leaving me more energized.  I appreciated Siobhan's care and attention and how she instinctively knew how to introduce the asanas to me.  I look forward to getting back there and can definitely see how many of my chiropractic practice members could benefit from this as well.



"Although I have always been an active individual participating in a variety of sports, yoga has always been a chore for me. Although I knew I would benefit from what it had to offer, I always found an excuse to miss/skip a class or do cardio or weight training instead. That was until I found Karma Yoga! Siobhan's passion for the practice is contagious. She is the only instructor, and I have had many, who has been able to help me find meditation and meaning to my practice. Her knowledge is impressive. Her studio is calming and her prices are quite competitive and affordable. Thank you Siobhan for helping me understand the importance of yoga and being the reason I look forward to my yoga class now!"



I started with Karma Yoga just after Christmas. I am a dressage rider who is looking to improve my flexibility and learn to control stress- I struggle with correct position, high anxiety, and holding my breathe.

Siobhan is very accommodating- working with our requests, she set up a time and yoga routine for riders, on a schedule that works for us. I find Siobhan very inspiring, encouraging, and supportive; 

By providing easy to follow verbal instruction with relaxing background music for all poses, it allows the person to focus easily through a flowing routine. I look forward to my classes, I feel the benefits even after such a short time

I have participated in other yoga classes with other instructors- they are not the same.  Siobhan remembers your capabilities, and encourages you to try to better yourself in a positive way, always with a smile. I would highly recommend her classes to everyone!! Thank you Siobhan 



I sit at a desk all day, making me not as supple as I once was.

I find the classes enjoyable while learning a lot about my mind and body.  Siobhan is very knowledgeable about the practice, her studio is clean and comfortable and the price if very fair, much lower than some other places I looked at.



When I started with Karma Yoga four months ago I was part of group of mature women with various issues and limitations who had never participated in Yoga before. The owner/ instructor Siobhan O'Connor is very knowledgeable, patient and inspiring, showing us " newbees " varying  ways to get into positions and encouraging us to achieve as much as we can and then just a bit more.  Classes are small, the atmosphere inviting with soothing music and a variety of equipment is available to use during classes. I now feel I have more flexibility and the practice is something I can do throughout life.


My name is Cathy Bushell & I've had the pleasure of participating in Yin Yoga in Siobhan O'Connor's lovely, peaceful studio in a quiet setting. Though stretching and holding various positions for timely periods, there was no discomfort to my body. I did have concern initially, as I have arthritis, and have limited mobility. I gained strength & elongation of muscles in a relaxed way.The price per session is reasonable considering the professional instruction. I would highly recommend becoming one of Siobhan's students. She's highly trained in this field of health.Sincerely,Cathy


Bob & Wendy

Just a quick word to let you know how much we enjoy our sessions with you.  The pace and instruction is very easy to follow especially for newcomers and the space very inviting.  Looking forward to seeing you soon. 



With this being my first time joining or attending Yoga, I have to say that my experience with Karma Yoga has been amazing. It's a nice, relaxing setting, great prices and you are an awesome teacher! I can't wait to continue on this journey with you :)


Cathie & Gar

Karma Yoga Brooklin provides us with an inviting, low key, comfortable setting for our yoga practice….Siobhan is a great instructor, gently guiding us to grow and expand our yoga experience.  We feel a part of a community here!.....  Cathie and Gar LeFort



Siobhan is to yoga what Rachel Ray is to cooking :)

My Thanks  - Siobhan

I am lost for words, I put out a request for some testimonials to serve webpage visitors, expecting a line or two from a few.

I feel so blessed to be a part of your journey, each and every one, and the kindness of your words,  humbles me.

I truly look forward to each and every practice with you, long may it last. Namaste. 





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