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Fads - my 30 seconds

I've just come back from the Toronto Yoga Conference, I go every year, take a Workshop or two, add to the knowledge base, and, catch up on the new fads.

They had it all, Jellies for your knees, socks for your hands, hats for your .. well head, Mats - non slip, non tear, non synthetic, long, extra long, rubber back, towel top, you get the idea. They even had a booth there selling Hair Straighteners, call me a purist, but my one resounding thought was, what has any of this got to do with Yoga, well of course it doesn't, it has everything to do with profit and consumerism.

As shared in my previous blogs, all you need to practice Yoga, traditional Yoga, is you and an open mind. Suspending from ropes is all well and good, fun and hey why not give it a try, but what about the Mind and Soul. Keep the true spirit of Yoga close to you while remaining open to everything, Keep It Real :).



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